Monday, 17 July 2017

Fwd: General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra being targeted at Starbucks in Cyberhub - re SEC Complaint TCR1439646785831

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Date: Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 6:39 PM
Subject: General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra being targeted at Starbucks in Cyberhub - re SEC Complaint TCR1439646785831
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I am sitting at the Starbucks in Cyberhub in Gurgaon which is GE's backyard, with their offices being in Cybercity.  

The Starbucks manager here is Sowmya. The Deputy manager is Vidit. 

As usual, GE is having me targeted with poisonous chemicals here. Persons are being used to sit or come close to me and to poison me with chemicals. 

On Thursday around noon, I was sitting at the Cyberhub Starbucks when I noticed some itching and redness near my left elbow. I thought a mosquito had bitten me and it felt like that. It was itchy, I put some Vicco turmeric cream on it. That night, there was more itching and I scratched the area while sleepy. 
The next morning, I noticed considerable swelling around the elbow and I applied more Vicco turmeric on it. During the day the swelling increased, and became hard. There was swelling around the elbow on both the upper and forearm covering about 1/3rd of the arm. There was fluid collecting under the skin. Soon a larger blister/ boil formed to let this fluid out. The blister continued to grow bigger and was the diameter of a golf ball. It burst that evening and lots of fluid drained out. The swelling decreased and I thought the arm was getting better. 
The next morning however, the swelling again increased and more blisters formed. The fluid again collected under the skin. The arm felt tight and the blisters burst again. The swelling now covered 2/3rds of the arm. 
On Saturday evening, I showed my arm to a dermatologist who told me that I was having a severe allergic reaction. She prescribed oral steroids as well as a steroid cream along with antibiotics and vitamin B and Allegra. I gave a false name to the doctor. The prescription is attached. 
I took only one Zempred 8 mg tablet on Saturday night, two on Sunday morning and one again today. The swelling has gone down. The fluid has been reabsorbed No fresh blisters have formed though the already existing blisters including the burst blisters need to heal. There is some bruising and redness around the area. 
I am taking the Allegra and antibiotic as prescribed along with the vitamin B. 
So, the arm is healing well. There is minimal swelling and only around an area of 2-3 inches in diameter.  The doctor has told me to reduce/ stop the oral steroid if the swelling subsided and I am doing that. 
See pictures from today. There is minimal swelling. My arm is fat. One picture from yesterday is also attached. 
But note the following. 
I told the doctor maybe something bit me. She said it could be a spider. I was at Starbucks for at least two hours before I noticed the itching. So, did something bite me or did someone prick my arm with some poison using a needle. 

The doctor said it was not a mosquito. How could a spider bite me at Starbucks? 
Or did something bite me in my car when I was asleep. Was a bug introduced into my car to bite me. Was a spider introduced into my car to bite me? 
I have since used an insect repellent in my car to destroy any bugs. 
Also note that the chronic poisoning with chemicals is being used to damage my immune system. 

Also note that I am being followed and I was probably followed to the doctor. She took some time to see me. Did someone call her about me before she saw me? There is one suspicious thing she said. When I told her it happened at Starbucks, she said maybe they did something to send me away. 

Seema Sapra
General Electric Company whistleblower 

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