Attempts on my life, instances of drugging, poisoning etc all intended to damage my health and cause grievous injury, and instances of targeting since mid 2010 when I was working with General Electric

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Since there have been so many attempts on my life since mid 2010 when I was working with General Electric, and since so many offences have been committed against me, my person and my property since then, I will be compiling all of these here. Listing them all will take some time and this page will be continually updated.

In June 2010, I became an impediment to Pratyush Kumar at General Electric in his corrupt dealings with Railway Ministry officials; Pratyush Kumar was using the Madhepura electric locomotive tender to incorporate tender clauses that GE wanted in the Marhowra diesel locomotive tender. This was not known to me then. I had been told by Jamie Winget from GE that I and the legal team were not to work on the Madhepura tender as Jeffrey Immelt had taken the decision that GE would not take part in this tender. Despite this, Pratyush Kumar and Ashfaq Nainar had proceeded to purchase the Madhepura RFP documents. Praveena Yagnambhat copied the demand draft for purchase of this RFP to me and others in India at GE. I brought this to the attention of my lawyer counterparts in GE Transportation in the US. GE Transportation's US executives then questioned Pratyush Kumar on why these RFP documents had been purchased. Pratyush Kumar was told that I had been the informant on this. That very day, Pratyush Kumar (who was in the US at that time), used his secretary Praveena Yagnambhat to send a message insisting that the Delhi team including me go to lunch at a restaurant of his choice that day. We were busy and wanted to do this another day but Praveena insisted that Pratyush Kumar wanted us all to go out for lunch that very day to "bond".  The lunch was to be billed to Pratyush Kumar. We all eventually went to the Basil and Thyme restaurant in Santushthi complex that very day. My meal there was drugged. This was the first instance when I was drugged while I was working at General Electric in 2010. [Pratyush Kumar used Praveena Yagnambhat to go through my blackberry messages to confirm that I had informed GE's US lawyers about the purchase of the Madhepura RFP document.]

After this I became an impediment to the corrupt dealings of Pratyush Kumar and other GE executives in other ways and I was again drugged repeatedly. I did not understand at the time that I was being drugged. The drugging intensified after the incidents concerning the forged Kazakhstan customer certificate on the weekend of 10 and 11 July 2010. There are several possibilities for the method used to drug me while I was working for GE in 2010. I had two maids coming into my house and working for me including cooking my meals. These maids could have been used to drug/ poison me. The behaviour of these maids became rude and aggressive during that time. [Praveena Yagnambhat had once prevented another GE staffer from sharing my home-cooked meal]. I was ordering some meals from restaurants/ local eateries on the phone. These could have been used to drug me. I was consuming cut fruit in the GE office and this was being served to me on a plate in my cabin by the office pantry attendant. I was drinking tea/ coffee/ water in the GE office and these were being brought to my cabin from the office pantry. During the beginning, I was being given sealed mineral water bottles at the GE office. Later after 12 July 2010, the office pantry assistant started bringing refilled water bottles to my cabin. I noticed during one meeting, both Pratyush Kumar and Ashfaq Nainar refused water and instead opted for Coke cans. Meals were served at the GE office and it would have been possible for someone to tamper with my plated food. GE executives I was working with asked me to join them for dinner/ drinks on 3-4 occasions. These occasions were used to drug me. On August 11, 2010 two (now former) friends (Amika and Chetan Chitnis) hosted me for dinner at a restaurant (Set’z) in DLF Emporio mall. I was drugged during that meal. Around 23/24 August 2010, another acquaintance, Latika Neelakantan, hosted me for dinner at the Oberoi Hotel coffee shop. I was drugged/ poisoned during that meal. I recall that I had ordered fish from the menu, but the fish that was served to me was not the dish on the menu. This shows that someone other than the chef on duty prepared my meal. The invitation from Latika Neelakantan was very unusual.

I was repeatedly drugged while I was working at General Electric from July 2010 until September 2010. I did not realise at the time that I was being drugged. However from July 12 2010 until September 2010, my body suddenly bloated up so much that my clothes would not fit. My daily schedule became erratic, with my eating and sleeping routines getting disturbed. I recall being under tremendous stress, waking up late, occasionally getting to work late, not being able to even manage routine chores like organising clothes to wear to work. During this time, my car was tampered with and the engine suddenly stalled on 3-4 occasions, including late at night. The front licence plate of my car was broken off by someone during this time. The environment in the GE office became very hostile and aggressive towards me. The targeting at work became aggressive and obvious. Looking back, I realised that I was being drugged during this period.

I continued to be drugged and poisoned after 20 September 2010 until January 2011. The drugging and poisoning intensified in December 2010 and January 2011 when I was in a daze of some kind.

Towards the end of September 2010, I met a lawyer (Abesh Chaudhary) in the Oberoi Hotel Patisserie for coffee. I wanted to discuss my complaints against GE with him. I was drugged there.

In October 2010, two (now former) friends Anupama Chandra and Teena Gill suddenly insisted on hosting me for dinner at the Golf Club. I was drugged there. I saw Shomik Meindiratta there. He is Amika Chitnis’ brother, lives in Washington DC, works with the World Bank and knows Montek Singh Ahluwalia and his sons.

n October and November 2010 and in 2011, on at least 4-5 occasions, fresh chicken and mutton purchased by me from INA and a butcher shop in Khan market, and fresh fish purchased from Chittaranjan Park market was deliberately tampered with. I stored the meat, but when I cooked it, it emitted a putrid smell and tasted bad.  I threw away this meat. In the case of both the Khan Market shop and CR Park, I had an
established pattern of purchasing mutton and fish from there. In INA market, I paid for fresh chicken, and told the shop owner that I would pick up the packed chicken after I finished my vegetable and grocery
shopping. Therefore the persons following me had the opportunity to arrange for the chicken to be tampered with. I can identify the shops. An FIR must be registered for conspiracy and attempt to poison and
murder and only an investigation thereafter can establish the facts.

As a result of being drugged and poisoned, from October/ November 2010 I developed a dry hacking cough. I had nausea as well and I recall noting that my urine had a very strong smell.

In October/ November/ December 2010, I was harassed during my evening walks at Lodhi 
Gardens by some men. One evening, a group of men were following me and making fun of me. On 3-4 evenings, 2-3 men repeatedly came within my line of vision and exposed themselves and ran away after I noticed what they were doing and shouted out.

In September/ October/ November, 2010, the ceiling of the front bedroom of my flat was deliberately damaged. It started leaking in 3-4 places. Rita Mohan participated in this. Under the pretext that there was some seepage in her ground floor flat, she used workmen to destroy the roof at this spot so that the front bedroom in my flat would leak. The house was also probably rigged at this time to enable the introduction of poisonous chemicals into my house. On 2-3 occasions, she insisted that I allow her plumber to enter my flat and inspect it. This room later was deliberately infested by some kind of mould on the walls.

In December 2010, Amika Chitnis called me and insisted that she wanted to meet me. I met her for lunch at the IIC. I was drugged there. I distinctly recall some persons sitting next to our table and listening to our conversation. I remember that I remarked that some of them looked like lawyers. (We were sitting on the porch outside the lounge). I also saw Soli Sorabjee at the IIC that day. 

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays (2010 to 2011), I was poisoned and drugged inside the house with intent to disable me and murder me. The occupants of both the ground floor and first floor flats were away. This was the first time that Rita Mohan was away from the house for an extended period of time. There was a security guard standing outside the gate. My water supply was repeatedly disrupted during this time. I had to ask the security guard to ask Rita Mohan’s gardener who had access to the house to turn on the water pump. During this time, I was the only person in the building using the drinking water supply which I believe was being drugged or poisoned. I did not step out of the house from around 26 December 2010 until the second or third week of January 2011 when I went to meet Latika Neelakantan in the Defence Colony market. I was also ordering food from restaurants and local eateries on the phone. This food was used to drug/ poison me. Another thing that I noticed at this time when I stepped out of my house onto the front balcony after a few days was that a huge sheet/ bedcover had been hung on the second floor terrace so that it hung out on my balcony covering the ledge where my AC was installed. This had been in that position for a few days before I noticed it. It completely obscured the ledge and would have hidden anyone crouching on that ledge and tampering with the hole where the AC pipes were entering my house. I also recall a persistent sweetish/ fruity smell throughout the house during this time.

In January 2011, two Caucasian foreigners entered my flat on a false pretext.

In January 2011, Latika Neelakantan invited me to meet her in Defence Colony market. She took me to 4S - a Chinese restaurant cum bar. I was drugged there. I recall a man (brown skin with oriental features) sitting alone on the table next to us listening to our conversation. We ordered some snacks which Latika did not eat but kept urging me to eat. I ordered vodka and drank half of it. Latika and I left the table and went outside 4S 2-3 times because she wanted to smoke. We left our drinks at the table unattended. Latika also kept going away from the table after every half hour or so. She was recording what I was telling her. I was drugged and couldn’t stop talking, I was telling her about everything that had happened at GE and thereafter and also what I wanted and what I intended to do.  

Soon after my meeting with Latika Neelakantan in January 2011, I had difficulty breathing and started coughing and producing copious quantities of mucus/ saliva. I became unwell after that. I had severe breathing problems for almost 2 months after that.

In January 2011, during a phone conversation, Jeffrey Eglash a lawyer with GE Corporate in the United States threatened me. When I told him that GE executives had destroyed my career and reputation and that I would be instituting legal proceedings to seek redress, he threatened me and stated "we don't want you as our enemy forever".

In February/ March 2011 (exact date can be obtained through my phone records), Soli J Sorabjee asked to meet me and during the meeting he threatened me that if I pursued the corruption and forgery complaints I had made against General Electric, then my health "would be damaged". He also told me that if necessary, General Electric would destroy evidence including the tampered Kazakhstan Railway customer certificate submitted by GE along with its RFQ bid for the diesel locomotive factory tender on 12 July 2010. Soli Sorabjee told me that GE could get the forged document removed from the Railway Ministry's records and replaced with another document. In January 2012, I learned for the first time that GE had engaged Zia Mody in connection with my complaints against GE. Zia Mody is Soli Sorabjee's daughter.

In April/ May 2011, Ajay Chaudhary was posted as Additional Commissioner of Police for South East district covering Jangpura Extension where I was living at the time. He was a part of the conspiracy to eliminate me.

In April/ May 2011 I ordered medicine (Thyronorm) on the phone from the Religare store in Defence Colony Market. The bottle that was delivered to my residence had been tampered with; the metal seal had been removed after having being prised off from the bottom and then refitted back on. I never took these pills after realising that the bottle had been tampered with. A complaint to the police was lodged but nothing was done by them.

In April/ May 2011, the drinking water supply to my first floor flat was separated from the water supply to the ground floor and second floor flats. I was told by Rita Mohan living on the ground floor that the PWD was installing a separate water pipe and water meter for the first floor flat. I notified my landlady (Rajni Palriwala). There was a lot of digging and work going on in the back lane behind my house. Some new pipes were laid entering the building with my flat.

In April/ May 2011, the AC installed in my house was tampered with. First the water pipes were deliberately clogged so that the water started leaking inside the room. I called the LG AC service number and some men came to my house. They took a very long time servicing the AC and opened up parts which had not been opened during earlier AC servicing. The AC was tampered with during this visit. The service team did not come from the regular service outlet in Bhogal.

In August 2011, doctors at a Max Healthcare Hospital in New Delhi conducted a neck ultrasound procedure on me without consent and falsified the report as part of a conspiracy and attempt to falsely diagnose me with thyroid cancer. I had gone to the hospital with the complaint that I had been and was being poisoned.

In September 2012, during a conversation about the threat to my life, a lawyer Presonjit (Ronnie) Bannerji (who had been recruited to target me) told me  "they want to destroy your personality" thereby confirming that part of the conspiracy to eliminate me involves mental and physical torture through incessant harassment and targeting and including poisoning and drugging intended to destroy my mental faculties, and to portray me as mentally ill. The intent is to target my credibility in order to cover up my corruption complaints against General Electric and to neutralize me as a witness.

On the night of 1-2 October 2012, I had no place to stay. I went to Police HQ with a copy of the court order dated 25 May 2012 passed in WP Civil 1280 of 2012 directing the Delhi Police and other authorities to protect me. I asked to meet then Commissioner of Police Neeraj Kumar. I was mocked, harassed, insulted  and intimidated by policemen outside his office. I started to email about this from there. I showed the court order to several police officers holding senior positions who were going into Neeraj Kumar's office. Finally Neeraj Kumar came face to face with me and I showed him the court order and told him that I had no place to stay. He replied that he could do nothing and walked off. When I was speaking with him a group of policewomen were made to circle me to prevent me from being able to have an interaction with him. After this I decided to stay at police HQ. I sat down on the front steps of police HQ. Several policemen were sent there to trick me into leaving. Later that night several attempts were made by policemen to drug me by offering me tea, water etc. I was harassed, threatened, intimidated, abused, mocked and insulted by policemen the entire night. During the night the police put into effect a conspiracy to harm me. After I called 100 to inform the ACP on duty in the PCR that I was in police HQ and the reasons therefor, some policemen called an ambulance to police HQ falsely reporting a medical emergency. The intent was to either poison me or to lie that I had attempted suicide and to use the ambulance to take me to LNJP hospital where I would have been drugged/ poisoned/ eliminated. I foiled this conspiracy by emailing to the media what was being attempted. Several police men and women had taken off their name badges to prevent me from identifying them. Several policemen including the ACP on duty in the PCR that night were drinking alcohol and were drunk. Later that night a DCP and this ACP attempted to trick me into letting them send me to a woman's shelter against my wishes. They were discussing a particular address, the intent was to illegally confine me, torture and drug me, falsely label me mentally ill and then murder me. Early
in the morning when I was leaving police HQ, several policemen assaulted me and attempted to drag me into a jeep and take me somewhere against my will. I was badly hurt and bruised during this gang assault on me by policemen at police HQ. The policemen let me go suddenly on someone's instructions.

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