Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Appeal dated 25 July 2017 from General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra - re SEC Complaint TCR1439646785831

General Electric Company (GE) whistleblower Seema Sapra being targeted & poisoned 

I am a woman lawyer (1995 enrollment) who worked with GE in 2010. I exposed corruption, fraud, forgery, bribes paid by GE to secure a multi-billion USD railway locomotive project at Marhowra. Manmohan Singh &Montek Singh Ahluwalia were involved. The present BJP government is also trying to cover up this corruption due to GE’s influence. 

I was drugged, poisoned, harassed & targeted. I filed WP Civil 1280/2012 in the Delhi High Court which languished unheard for 3 years while I was rendered homeless, penniless, falsely & maliciously defamed as mentally ill, had my ankle deliberately dislocated in June 2014, and was poisoned. The police, lawyers & the DHCBA was used against me. I was forced to sleep in my car for over a year and a half. 

In March 2015, my right to life petition against GE, Railways & Police was dismissed unheard on the specious ground that it had become infructuous. I was penniless, living on charity since August 2012 but was fined Rs. 2 Lakhs to prevent me from fighting this corruption battle. 

Throughout 2015, I was again drugged, poisoned, living on charity with a dislocated ankle. 

In December 2015, the same Bench without hearing me wrongly convicted me of contempt of Court & sentenced me to prison for 2 months. I was further barred from appearing before the High Court & lower courts for 2 years & from arguing any matter filed by me even in person. This was again intended to prevent me from fighting my corruption case against GE. 

In March 2016, I managed to file a statutory appeal against the contempt order in the Supreme Court where I pointed out that I was a whistleblower being targeted, that I would be poisoned in prison, & I showed how my writ petition against GE had been incorrectly dismissed, contrary to the record & without hearing me. 

I have continued to be poisoned since then to prevent me from having my appeal heard by the Supreme Court & to prevent me from filing an Article 32 right to life petition in the Supreme Court exposing the cover-up of the corruption by GE which has included sabotage of my matter in the Delhi High Court by the court registry & by perjury & falsified documents produced by the railway & police counsels in my matter. AZB & Partners have committed a fraud on the Delhi High Court by appearing for GE without valid vakalatnamas& by filing affidavits of a person who has failed to produce valid authority documents for GE and has effectively impersonated GE before the Delhi High Court and filed false affidavits. 

Through 2016, I survived on charity, living in cheap hotels & B&Bs. In October 2016, my car was deliberately damaged and since then is parked outside the Delhi High Court. 

In January 2017, the police started to prevent me from getting even a hotel room because I only have a Delhi ID. I have slept in my car from around 15 January 2017 parked outside Gate 8 of the Delhi High Court. 

I went to Jaipur & Rajasthan twice in January & March 2017 and both times I was followed around and poisoned. 

Since mid-March 2017. I am sleeping in my car parked outside gate 8 of the Delhi High Court. I am being poisoned there every night with nerve agents and anesthetic gases. I am followed by men on motorcycles when I take autos, I am followed on the metro & I am followed wherever I go and am targeted and poisoned with chemicals. The intent is to prevent me from drafting & filing my cases before the Supreme Court. 

In the summer vacation, repeated attempts were made to poison & murder me in my car at night outside Gate 8 of the Delhi High Court. CRPF men posted at the Delhi High Court are also being used to poison me at night in my car. I have heard the police security deployed in the High Court misleading people that I am mentally ill. This is intended to provide cover so that I can be poisoned and no one listens to my complaints. 

In the summer vacation, my car was tampered with and the scuttle drain deliberately blocked. Since then, rain water is leaking into my car and soaking the carpets. Bugs, ants and spiders are being introduced into my car. Two weeks ago, something bit me and my entire arm swelled up. It was diagnosed as a severe allergic reaction. I noticed the bite around noon at a Starbucks so I am not sure where I was bit. The dermatologist said it could have been a spider. My arm has now healed. 

A few weeks ago, some animal feces were placed in my car to target me. 

I am surviving on charity. I am only seeking orders from the Supreme Court to protect my right to life. 

I need your help & support. Lawyers are being told not to help me. There is a powerful lobby of lawyers acting against me. I am also being targeted with chemicals inside the Delhi High Court, with the involvement of some powerful lawyers aligned against me. 

Chemicals have been thrown into my eyes. Attempts are being made to physically incapacitate me by making me blind, paralyzed, or very ill. The intent is to disable me so that I cannot fight this matter. 

Another reason why I am being targeted is that since 2011, I have made public a complaint that I was sexually harassed and even assaulted by Soli J Sorabjee when he was AG in 2000-2001 and when I was working as a junior in his office. 

This morning I was poisoned while using a restroom in the Delhi High Court. Some chemical nerve agent was sprayed under the door while I was inside. 

Please help and support me and please do not join others in targeting me in any manner. Please support me in this David and Goliath battle that I am fighting against cover-up of high-stake corruption. I am fighting against fraud committed on the Delhi High Court. I am fighting for the truth and for justice. I am fighting for my life. 

Seema Sapra  9582716748  seema.sapra@gmail.com  

Please read about my ordeal and my complaints and evidence against GE and my contempt appeal at my blog at seemasapra.blogspot,com and on Twitter at @SeemaSapraLaw

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