Saturday, 13 May 2017

Message sent to the Police Commissioner

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Sent: May 13, 2017 23:12

t is 11.09 pm. I am sleeping in my car parked outside Gate 8 of the Delhi High Court.  Highly poisonous chemical fumes/ gas and nerve agents and some kind of anesthetic gaseous fumes are again being released close to me. Some acidic fumes are also being released close to me. This is clearly attempted murder. Exposing a sleeping individual to poisonous gases/fumes while asleep is intended to cause death. Jeffrey Immelt and Alexander Dimitref of General Electric Company are responsible for me being poisoned. They want me dead and the intent is for the Police to find my dead or unconscious body in my car and then cover-up.  Seema Sapra 
General Electric Company whistleblower
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