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Fwd: General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra targeted & victimised by Starbucks deputy store manager Vidit at Cyberhub - re SEC Complaint TCR1439646785831

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From: Seema Sapra <>
Date: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 3:39 PM
Subject: General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra targeted & victimised by Starbucks deputy store manager Vidit at Cyberhub - re SEC Complaint TCR1439646785831
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Please also note the following. Yesterday while leaving, I saw Vidit sitting at the counter. He was with a man in a white shirt for a long time. I asked Vidit if this person was a Starbucks employee. Vidit refused to answer. 

When I tried to discuss the security guard issue with Vidit, he told me he was on his break and could not speak to me. 

Note that the alleged complaint against me was an anonymous complaint, I was not told who had complained or even if somebody had complained. It was probably someone targeting me. At least two women were used to watch me at Starbucks yesterday. The grey haired man who Vidit is conspiring with was also there. There were several other persons used to target me at Starbucks yesterday including to target me with chemicals. 

Also Vidit told me that he had received a call from Akshat Jerath. It does not surprise me that higher level Starbucks management might be involved in targeting me. 

Tata has close business ties to GE in India. Zia Mody the lawyer used by GE against me to try and cover up my corruption complaints is close to the Tata group. GE's Indian head Banmali Agrawala is a former Tata executive. So I am not surprised. In fact the scale and extent of my being targeted by Starbucks staff at several outlets establishes the connection. 

Again, I am within my legal rights to protect myself by sending a picture of anyone targeting me to the Police. 

Note also that all complaints by me of targeting including complaints that persons have taken my pictures or video-recorded me at Starbucks have been completely ignored. 

Seema Sapra 
General Electric Company whistleblower 

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 9:35 PM, Seema Sapra <> wrote:
Note this too. No customer approached me. Vidit does not approach me. A security guard comes in, Vidit speaks to him and sends him to the table I am sitting at. Vidit does not even join the security guard in the conversation with me. He does not even come to the table. 

After I speak to the security guard and tell him I will directly email Starbucks, the security guard goes out. Vidit again calls him and privately speaks to the security guard. 

By the way, the grey haired HR consultant who I stated in my email yesterday was conspiring with Vidit to target me was here again today and was watching me today. At one point, I could make out from his face that he intended to target me today. 

So this establishes that Starbucks staff are colluding in targeting me and are doing everything to assist GE agents in targeting me and are doing everything to prevent me from acting in my self defense and from taking steps fully within my legal rights to protect myself. 

By the way also, the man who targeted me yesterday and who Vidit conspired with works with Yes Bank. 

As I said before, let me deal with the GE corruption first, and then I will sue Starbucks for how their staff has participated in targeting me, a whistleblower. 

Seema Sapra
General Electric Company whistleblower 

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 9:12 PM, Seema Sapra <> wrote:
I made a complaint against Vidit, the deputy store manager yesterday. See trailing email below. 

About one hour ago I tweeted as follows- 
Seema Sapra‏ @SeemaSapraLaw  1h1 hour ago
Replying to @SeemaSapraLaw @FBI and 9 others
Dear @psagarindia Udit Malhotra from @GenesisBM is having me targeted. I am a #GE @generalelectric whistleblower @B_M @FBI #corpgov #FCPA
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Within one hour of this tweet, Starbucks employee Vidit does the following. 

Starbucks Deputy Manager Vidit summoned a Cyber Hub security Guard Bipin Tiwari ostensibly because "someone" has complained that I have taken their picture. 

Note that no customer has been produced to say this. Also, Vidit did not approach me first. 

Out of the blue, this security guard was summoned to target me and sent to my table at Starbucks. Bipin Tiwari told me that repeated calls were made from the Starbucks store to DLF security about me. 

I told him that I had not taken anyone's picture without cause. 

If someone targets me, then I have the legal right to take their picture and send it to the Police and to produce these pictures before the Supreme Court to compel the police to register an FIR. 

I am a whistleblower against General Electric Company corruption in India and am being targeted.

Starbucks management is aware of this and of my legal right. 

So this now clearly establishes that Vidit is targeting me. 

I also tweeted the following. 

Seema Sapra‏ @SeemaSapraLaw  1h1 hour ago
Replying to @SeemaSapraLaw @FBI and 8 others
Welcome to @JohnFlannery_GE as CEO of @generalelectric who knows where all the bodies are buried in the #GE ecosystem. @FBI @realDonaldTrump

Seema Sapra‏ @SeemaSapraLaw  1h1 hour ago
Replying to @SeemaSapraLaw @FBI and 9 others
Hope @JohnFlannery_GE helps me fight the coverup of #GE corruption, fraud, bribery forgery perjury & obstruction of justice w.r.t India @FBI

Seema Sapra 
General Electric Company whistleblower

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 4:03 PM, Seema Sapra <> wrote:
A short while ago, a man sitting behind me in a completely different section of the cafe (who has targeted me earlier) was pacing in front of my table on his phone. I said the following to him in a very friendly and polite manner; I said - please if you do mind, please don't walk here, I am getting distracted. 

The man could have responded politely, but he was rude and aggressive and told me he would do what he wanted and that I had no right to tell him what to do. He told me I should tell "them" pointing to the counter. I did not reply and he walked off. The matter should have ended there as would any normal conversation between two strangers in a cafe. 

Instead a few minutes later, Starbucks deputy store manager Vidit comes to me and tells me that a man has complained that I am telling him not to walk here. Vidit added that I had no right to do so. 

Note, this. The man actually goes up and complains about me to Vidit. Vidit  comes to me and does not even ask me what happened. He accuses me and then peremptorily tells me what I can or cannot do. Vidit accuses me of being in the wrong without even taking the trouble to ascertain from me what happened. 

This whole episode again establishes that this man was indeed targeting me and Starbucks staff and management are colluding in targeting and victimizing me.

I have conveyed this to Vidit and have requested him to issue me a written apology. 

Starbucks staff are ganging up against me. They are colluding against me. 

What did I do? Request the man very politely to not do something that was disturbing me. He refused. Fine. I did not say anything further after his rude and aggressive negative response. 

Why the escalation of this minor issue by Vidit? So according to Starbucks staff I have no right to even politely speak to someone and make a request. 

In the past, I have complained that Udit Malhotra of Burson Marsteller was usng Vidit against me. There is another man with grey hair who is an HR consultant who is here everyday. He might be an external contractor for Starbucks India. I have reason to believe that Vidit is conspiring with him to target me. 

Obviously this is all happening because I am a whistleblower and have made very serious corruption complaints against General Electric Company. 

Seema Sapra 
General Electric Company whistleblower 

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